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Casa Luisi was built in 1850 by the Vico family, owner of several buildings of the Cours Napoleon in Ajaccio. As becoming its principal residence, it took the name of “Hôtel Vico”.


In the year 1908, Count Lefèvre des Noëttes-Vico, a young officer, ceded the prestigious mansion to Jules-François Luisi who returned from the Americas where he had been one of the main builders of the port of Manaus. The latter offered it to Marie Casanelli d'Istria, niece of a great Corsican bishop, who received it as a wedding present. They had their apartments molded by Dager, a fashionable Parisian decorator who had just finished renovating the Palais du Luxembourg in Paris. They lived there very much in love the rest of their lives. 

Today, La Casa Luisi is still the “home port” of their grandchildren. With their adventurous spirit, they travel the world from Corsica to Bangkok, from Saigon to the banks of the Narmada, but they always get back. It was co-baptized ANAND BHAWAN, the House of Joy, by the current owner on her return from India. Highly Corsican in its roots, it is also deeply connected to oriental cultures. The mansion has traditionally been open to the outside world. Besides French and English, we speak Italian, Portuguese, Thai-Siamese, Hindi ... and Corsican, of course, depending on the presence of one or the other members of the family. We are all always happy to share the charms of our home with other travelers.


Throughout its history, many friends of the family stayed there. The Empire Suite which was meant for them, hosted some prestigious guests such as the princes of Luxembourg and Egypt, the actress Martine Carol, the designer Christian Duc. It was also, and above all, the stopover of the princely family Napoleon at each of its stays in Ajaccio.


Recently, the apartment of the Flowers and Birds hosted the famous supermodel and actress Sonya Pim Couling.

Its location in the heart of the city with its secret courtyards and gardens, its nooks and crannies, make ANAND BHAWAN a unique place where various times blend harmoniously. Oasis of greenery from where the street seems far away, the house is undergoing a gentle renovation that does not cause any disturbance to its occupants.


* These, under renovation, are not currently visible.

Marie Luisi Casanelli d'Istria.jpg

Marie Luisi Casanelli d'Istria

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